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Shriners of North America

The basic organizational unit of the fraternity is the temple, which is governed by an elected board, known as the Divan. The Divan is headed by a Potentate, who is presiding officer of the temple.

All temples are subordinate to the Imperial Council, which is composed of elected representatives from each temple, past and present Imperial officers, and emeritus representatives. The Imperial Divan, the fraternity’s governing board, is headed by the Imperial Potentate and consists of 13 elected officers. A new officer is elected to the Imperial Divan each year. Every officer, except the Imperial Treasurer and Imperial Recorder may be re-elected.

Within each temple, there are also clubs and units for members with various interests and hobbies. The fraternity may be best known for its colorful parades, circuses and clowns – but there are also many other opportunities to participate for members. From leadership development and public speaking to “networking” and special interests – there truly is something for everyone.

Shriners of North America’s best-known symbol is the distinctive red fez worn by Shriners at official functions. The fez derives its name from the city of Fez, Morocco, and was chosen as part of Shriners’ Near East theme. This theme was developed in the 1870s by Walter M. Fleming, a prominent New York physician, and William J. "Billy" Florence, a popular actor.


You may be surprised to know that Shriners count among their ranks presidents, professional golfers, country music stars, astronauts and actors. We think it's just as important to be a leader in your personal life, to be a role model, and to simply be a friend.

Develop relationships that benefit your business and help you reach your career goals. You will find that you've become a mentor yourself, passing the lessons of leadership along to the next generation.

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