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Shriners Hospitals for Children
Shriners Hospitals for Children is a network of pediatric specialty hospitals where children under the age of 18 receive excellent medical care free of charge.There are 18 orthopaedic Shriners Hospitals, three Shriners Hospitals dedicated to treating severe burns, and one Shriners Hospital that provides orthopaedic, burn and spinal cord injury care.

Shriners International
The Shriners International website describes events, philanthropy, news items, brotherhood, organzation, fraternity.

Shriners Marketplace
The finest merchandise adorned with the official logo of the "Shriners of North America", and/or the "Shriners Hospitals for Children." ALL merchandise is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! This site offers the "Gift that keeps giving!" For every product purchased we proudly pay a generous royalty back to our fraternity or hospital fund!

The Lost Word
The Freemasons on-line store for Masonic Gifts, Masonic Jewelry, Masonic Books and all items related to Freemasonry.

Shriners Village
Shriners Village is a private web community for Shriners only. This web community is state of the art and is designed to be our primary communications engine for all Shriners. The primary features of the site are our Shriners Hospitals for Children, Research and Specialty areas, our Hospital Virtual Tours and information on our Fraternity. The site features extensive use of videos, podcasts, pictures and documents. Shriners Village is our ‘Google’ of Shrinedom. Always up to date and always the source of accurate information from the right sources. Keeping our Nobles informed, updated and involved in our Shriners Hospitals for Children and connected to their Fraternity.

The Shriners Village Virtual Mentor community is a new way to reach out to the next generation of potential Shriners. These new candidates will mostly find out about us on the web and will seek to learn more. Blending our heritage and our legacy of building our membership by one man mouth to ear at a time the Shriner Village Virtual Mentors will seek first to build a trusting relationship with these web visitors and then to take that relationship to the next level of introducing them to other Shriners who will connect them to local Lodges and Temples.

Masonic Links

Masonic Grand Lodge of New Brunswick
Masonic information for Masons by Masons in the Province of New Brunswick, Canada.

In 1922, the Shriners dedicated themselves to providing expert medical care for children no matter the patients’ ability to pay.

Today, that philanthropic effort supports 22 Shriners Hospitals for Children® across North America that provide specialized medical care for children with orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries and cleft lip and palate.

Many Shriners Hospitals for Children® are also premier medical research centers.

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