Clubs & Units

Officers 2017 – Clubs

Shrine ClubPresidentSecretaryTreasurerDivan
Saint JohnFrank Evans
Brian FrancisBob Gaudet
Ray Maber
Charlotte Co.John Flynn
Ted HattRobert DoughertyBlaine Brooks
FrederictonShane Walsh
Shane Walsh
Ashley Jagoe
Laurie Bishop
SussexBrian Keating
Doug Cosman
Lloyd WebbRick Wood
North ShoreHarvey Spence
Thomas Jagoe
Michael KiersteadTerry Spence
MonctonAlistair Syme
Don Anderson
Rene Cormier
Rick Wood
MiramichiGrant Donnelly
William Donald
Wilson SobeyGrant Donnelly
Upper Saint John River ValleyDavid Corey
James LeavittDoug SwanBlaine Brooks

Officers 2017 – Units

Provost UnitDanny Sooley
Harold Crabbe
Harold Crabbe
Doug Swan
Flag UnitRoger Leavitt
Peter Acheson
John Mallory
Doug Swan

Classic Wheels

Rick WoodRick Wood
  Rick Wood
Will Johnston
Railway UnitFrank Evans
Dale Stevens
Jim Shillington
Barry Mabey
CabooseMike Brown
Weldon ClarkEarl HughesDoug Swan
Motor CorpsAl McTaggart
Brian BuckleyBrian Buckley

Ray Maber

Mini Kar UnitDarrell Shipley
Randy SmithJim Buchanan
Rick Wood
Loyalist UnitDoug Sussey
Gale RaeGale RaeBlaine Brooks
Maple Leaf UnitBrian Keating
Doug Cosman
Lloyd WebbWill Johnston
Directors StaffFrank McKeil
Don Cornfield
Don Cornfield
Brian Biggins
Fire BrigadeFloyd Ross
Steven MacKenzieRoger BairdFrank McKeil
Facts & FiguresKenneth MandervilleJohn StevensJohn StevensGrant Donnelly
TransportRobert DunhamRobert MacQuarrieGordon BelyeaRick Wood
Clown UnitRick Childs
 Brian Biggins
 Brian Biggins
Brian Biggins


Shriners come from all walks of life. We are plumbers and professionals, salesmen and CEOs. We are fathers, uncles, and sons.

We are also brothers.

While our backgrounds and interests may be diverse, what binds us together are shared values and a desire to have fun, do good and build bonds that last a lifetime.

Be a part of a powerful network of mentors who can help you grow as a man, a father and a husband.

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